RZ Audio Converter, convert and burn any videos and audios to MP3, Audio CD, MP3 CD, MP3 DVD!
Convert any videos and audios to MP3, M4A, M4R, AAC, AC3, WMA, AMR, Ogg, WAV!
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RZ Audio Converter Register Guides

If your RZ Audio Converter is the Unregistered Trial Version, you will see below dialog, and a "BuyNow" button will be always displayed on the main interface.

Trial version notice!

If you have just purchased RZ Audio Converter, you should get the right liences name and register key, please simply click the "BuyNow" button, Copy and Paste your Registration information as follows, then click "OK". Thank you very much! You deserve the best!

Enter key!

If you have not purchased RZ Audio Converter, you should not get the liences name and register key, please click here or click "Get Key" button to puchase it first. Your support is so important, and will surely help us in making the RZ Audio Converter better for you.

See more detail about Registration, please continue to read.

The evaluation version of RZ Audio Converter comes with some limitations on functionality and a time limit on how long it may be used. When you purchase a copy you will be given a License Name and a Register Key that, when entered properly into the program, will remove all evaluation version limitations and restrictions. There is no need to download a separate file after purchasing a license. A license key may be entered from the "Enter Key" dialog within the application, which appears after click the "BuyNow" button.

Click BuyNow button, then enter key!

After receiving your license key in the order confirmation email, it should look something like the following:


Then click the "BuyNow" button within the application, (or the evaluation information dialog), and if you copied the license block correctly, it will look like this:

Enter key!

You can use the method of copying the name and key and pasting them separately into their respective fields. We do strongly recommend that you copy and paste, rather than try to type the values in -- especially the key. Once the Name and Key fields have the proper information entered click "OK" to accept. If the information is right then a dialogue will appear,it will look like this:(Congratulations on your purchase of RZ Video Converter!).

Register success!

If the information was not accepted that the above dialog will not appear.

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